Types of dental implants

Types of dental implants

There are thousands of implant brands on the market and constantly new ones come out. The way we select the brands we work with is based on the following set of criteria:

Implant systems that have passed the trials of time
- We believe in implants that have been proven to be successful over the time, such as 5, 10, 15 years or more.

Systems that have superior quality and logistics
- This is a very important criteria, as every detail and every flaw matters. The company’s philosophy has a lot to do with the quality of its products

Fair price - benefit ratio.
It’s not relevant if an implant system is cheaper or more expensive, what matters is that the price-benefit ratio is a correct one. We want our patient to buy value, not brands, this is why in our portfolio you will find both world famous brands and new systems.

There is no such thing as the universal best implant system. There is however the perfect system for each case, and this is why we spend the right amount of time and effort to plan the best solution and implant type for each patient individually.

Below you have a list of the implant systems we work with the most:

Ankyloss (Dentsply) - made in Germany - http://www.dentsplyimplants.com/

Megagen - made in South Korea - http://www.megagen.co.uk//

Mis - made in Israel - no. 4 world-wide - http://mis-implants.com/

Nobel Biocare - made in Switzerland - world leader in implant dentistry. www.nobelbiocare.com/‎