Dental implants

A dental implant is never "just an implant." It's the opportunity of regaining lost health, esthetics and the confidence that comes with it. And this opportunity is a one-time only. Make it count! We must see implants as components of future teeth. Dental implants are the infra-structure of oral health and esthetics, when teeth are no longer there. In our vision, diagnosis, planning and integration of the implant surgery in the architecture of a treatment plan are just as important, if not more important than the surgery itself. For this reason, before any surgery, we plan the final smile and the entire treatment sequence. This approach drives us to correctly plan the ideal position of the dental implants and the ideal timing in the treatment sequence. This planning can be materialised into surgical guides for complex cases. This way the surgery is precise, predictable and safe.

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Periodontal treatments

Perio treatments are surgical and non-surgical procedures aiming to restore the health of the soft tissue ( gingiva ) and bone. Periodontal treatments may vary based on the causes of the defects ( periodontal disease, trauma, functional trauma etc ) and most of the time they need to be integrated in a complex treatment plan that eliminates also the causes before dealing with the defects.

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Orthodontic treatment

Orthodontic treatment will solve problems related to tooth position, incorect bite, TMJ disorders, and last but not least, it is one of the most efficient tools in esthetic dentistry. It is used in synergies with other treatments to solve complex cases, or to facilitate minimal-invasive dentistry.

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Root canal treatments

Root canal treatments are a necessity in many clinical scenarios. The purpose of a root canal treatment is to save a tooth, or a root of a tooth, and restore its structure. In many situations, this is the treatment that relieves pain, when we talk about tooth-related pain. In our vision, root canal treatments need to be efficient, predictable and ideally single-session.

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