Treatment philosophy

Treatment philosophy

Every patient wants the same thing. Not to be a patient.

Nobody wants treatments. Everyone wants health and beauty. A healthy and beautiful smile. And a life with as little trips to the dentist as possible. In our vision, there is only one kind of treatment, the kind where you stop being a patient. A one-way trip to health and beauty. Implants, veneers, orthodontic appliances, and anything else are simply procedures from a treatment plan architecture, which is unique for every patient. At the end of this trip, you are healthy, have the smile you always wanted, and you have a long-lasting result. In order to achieve this, we follow a strict protocol, that involves 3 main stages.

Before and after cases

Planning stage: Smile Design and functional treatment planning

First visit at Dentcof, is not what you would expect from a dentist apointment. You will have a conversation with the doctor of your choise to understand your desires, then you will have a photoshooting session, x-rays and scans or impressions. This information is compiled into a digital clone of your mouth, which will be our canvas to design the future smile.

The digital design will then be turned into a wax-up, that we can transfer into your mouth so you can witness a realistic video simulation. Once you confirm the design, this will be detailed into a functional treatment plan, which contains all necessary procedures needed to get from your current situation to the desired design. This plan will integrate function, biology and structure, in order to achieve a long lasting healthy result.

At this point you are informed about all the costs, procedure details, risks, alternatives, and a personal KPG ( key patient guide ) will be allocated to you, and will handle all your logistics and experience during treatment.

Digital Smile Design

Health stage : Biology, Function and Structure

Planning starts with esthetics, however treatment will start the other way around. We will handle first all biological problems ( caries, plaque, infections, periodontal and gingival problems etc. Next we take care of functional problems ( the bite, the correct jaw position, muscular balance etc ) and structural problems ( orthodontic treatments to move teeth where needed, implants to support teeth, where needed, and enforcing current teeth where needed ). All of the above are guided by the digital design, and are listed in the functional treatment plan. When this stage is finished, you will be healthy, functionally stable and structurally sound, which are the conditions we need for esthetics and longevity. For patients that are not interested in improving their looks, treatment is finished at this point.

Esthetic Stage:

Esthetics is the final part of the treatment, when all other conditions are stable. Based on design, esthetics can mean veeners, no-prep veneers, crowns, or just a bleaching procedure. It's all guided by design, which serves as a reference to guide all other treatments to get to this point. Now we can focus on details, because all other elements are in place.

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The road to health and beauty in our vision, in a completely different experience at the dentist.