Periodontal disease treatment

Periodontal disease treatment

Periodontal disease is a chronic degenerative malady that affects the tissues around teeth ( gums, bone, ligament ). Periodontal disease treatment aims to eliminate the causes of the disease and stop its evolution. Once the disease is stabilised, the focus will be on restoring the damage, through various reconstructive procedures.


Periodontal disease can have many causing factors. Even though bacteria is at the core of the disease, a series of different factors can worsen it. These factors can be genetic, habitual ( smoking, bad hygiene, bad eating habbits ) or dental ( infected roots, bad dental work etc ).


Depending on the stage of the disease, one or more of the following symptoms may occur:

  • Gingivitis ( inflamation and bleeding of the gums )
  • Bad taste, Bad Breath
  • Mobile teeth
  • Gingival retractions


70% of the cases can be treated non-surgically. For the remaining 30%, in more severe cases, treatment involves extraction of lost teeth, dental implants, bone or soft-tissue grafts, pink ceramic restorations or a combination of the above.

Dental implants

Soft-tissue grafts

Bone grafts


Maintenance is very important and requires a change in your lifestyle. Good hygiene is mandatory and the use of a water pik. Check-ups ( 3 / year ) and professional hygiene also mandatory. It is reccommended to quit smoking and bad eating habbits. If the above are respected the prognosis of the treatment is a very good one.