Logistic support

KPG : Personalized logistic support

From the first contact with the clinic, we will appoint a KPG ( key patieng guide ) for you, who is a specialized person, that makes sure that logisticly, everything goes according to plan. In our experience, the more complex a treatment is, the more important logistics are. A complex treatment plan involves more doctors and technicians, and can span over several months. During this time, not only the quality of the treatment matters, but also the patient's experience. Missed appointments, lack of communication, delays of any kind can ruin the patient's experience. The job of a KPG is to solve all these potential problems before they even occur.

Direct relationship

When you have a direct relationship, you no longer have to introduce yourself and tell your story or talk about your problems each time, because your KPG already knows them. She will be waiting at other end of the line with a solution.

24/7 Logistic support

In case you need to book an appointment, you have any questions, missunderstandings or problems of any kind, your KPG will be available for you 24/7, during the entire treatment period.

Payment plans

Your KPG will handle all financial details of your treatment and is also the person who can offer you several payment plans or options. When needed she will provide you necessary paperwork for insurance systems or loans.