Instructions before and after surgery

Indications before and after surgical procedures

Before or after any surgical procedure you will receive written instructions from either the surgeon, or a nurse. Here you can have an overview of basic instructions in case something is not clear, or things you might have forgotten. Following these simple instructions, will give you more comfort and decrease your healing time.


Two weeks prior to any surgical procedure we recommend professional cleaning, and the use of oral rinse that contains 0.12% clorhexidine and doesn't contain alcohol. Ex: Curasept , Periogard, etc. This protocol will ensure healthy tissues and gums, and will provide optimal biological parameters for any type of procedure. It will result in minimal surgical trauma and faster healing.


Use Oral Rinse in the morning and in the evening. Gently clean teeth and gums when possible with a soft tooth brush. Do not touch the area where surgery has been performed. Do not touch the sutures. Do not eat hot or hard food. Do not drink alcohol. Don't consume any dairy products. Don't smoke during healing time. For sensitivity, you can take anti-imflammatory medication, and hold a pack of ice on the area, with 10 min pauses. Do not sleep on the side with the surgery, also heat will increase imflammation. Do not take antibiotics unless prescribed by your surgeon.


For sensitivity, pain or inflammation:

Ibuprofen 600 mg. 1-2x / day

For faster healing:

Oral Rinse with clorhexidine 0.12% , no alcohol. Ex: Curasept, Periogard

Homeopathic alternatives/h3>

For sensitivity, pain or inflammation :

Arnica 30 Traumeel

For faster healing:

Arnica 30