For foreign patients

For foreign patients

Dentcof promotes Romania not only for tourism locations, but also as a dental tourism provider. We try to be ambassadors, promoting a superior quality/cost ratio of our services and a specialised logistics for the services we provide. A special package is available for patients willing to travel for treatment.

First visit deductible

First visit is the most important in a treatment plan and is completely deductible from the treatment plan for travelling patients.

First visit includes :

  • Initial consultation
  • Complete x-ray exam, including CBCT
  • Digital Smile Design and Implant planning
  • Functional treatment plan
  • Travel and accomodation

Special conditions may apply. Contact us for more information.

24/7 Logistic support

We provide you with information, everything you might need to know about your treatment plan, appointments, solutions to any kind of problems, assistance with travel bookings, accomodation or any other thing you might need during your treatment.

Aftercare in your own country

We will recommend a select list of dentists in your area, for aftercare of the treatments you benefit at Dentcof. All dentists we recommend are selected from our educational programs.