Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening

Crown lengthening is a micro-surgical procedure used in esthetic rehabilitations for achieving harmony between tooth display and gingival display. Based on design, this type of procedure can be performed for one or more teeth and it is done in one visit. The result is immediate.

Design balances esthetics with biology

Smile design will create an ideal smile outline for both teeth and gum display. Besides esthetics, our aim is also to respect existing biology. For this reason using the CBCT (cone beam computer tomography) we can view the same design, from a biological perspective, where we can see the tissues under the gum. This double planning allows us to find the best balance for both esthetics and longevity.

Predictable micro-surgical procedures

The surgical procedure is planned and simulated digitally, before it is executed intra-orally. This makes the actual surgery to be a no-surprise rehearsed exercise.

No post-op sensitivity. Faster healing

These types of surgeries have minimum to none post-op sensitivity, patient will continue normally with his day, without any problems. Furthermore we provide a maintenance protocol that will speed up the healing.