About us

About us

Dentcof was founded as a family business, in the early days after the revolution in 1989, when Romania overthrew the communist regime. Dentcof matured following a clear and congruent vision, which we still follow today. The team is small and bound by the same values that the company promotes. Presently Dentcof is worldwide known brand in esthetic dentistry, known for its constant innovation, quality standards and educational programs it provides.

What we do?

We are a dental clinic specialized in esthetic rehabilitations on natural teeth and dental implants. A center with complete dental solutions, where we can provide all treatment options in one place, under one vision.

How we do it?

We believe that any patient should be fully treated untill he reaches the esthetics he desires, and up to a biological, structural and functional balance. This is in our vision the road to healthiness, esthetics and longevity. Before treating any patient, we create a digital clone of his/her case, which we 'treat' digitally and then we materialise the treatment intraorally, guided by the digital planning. We simulate every treatment before we execute it. We always go for the treatment option that balances minimally invasiveness with longevity.

Why we do it?

We believe the smile is the key to human expression. We believe that any smile starts with an inner emotion, a state of joy, that is expressed on our faces as a smile. We believe that all human expression, as well as smile, should be free. When someone has a problem with his or her smile, he or she will start to control the smile and expression, consciously or unconsciously. Auto-control becomes a second nature, self esteem drops. These take away our freedom and our comfort. If this is restored, you not only have a beautiful smile, but beyond this, you regain your freedom, your courage to be yourself, the comfort of living in your own skin. And for us this is the true meaning of beauty.

The facility

Dentcof is technologically and logistically designed to handle cases of any difficulty. Our facilities include 5 treatment rooms, our own dental lab, 3D imaging center, foto-video studio, surgery room, recovery room and a complete education center.

Digital enviroment and workflows

Dentcof is one of the promoters of digital dentistry globally. We are always working on the 'next best thing', we are always in a never-ending pursuit of the new. And we always share the knowledge in many educational locally or around the world.

Dentcof Research

Dentcof Research is an educational division of Dentcof. The mission of Dentcof Research is to scout for young talents and concepts, to transform them into feasible protocols and to expose them to the world via educational programs. Every year at our courses we are joined by dentists, dental technicians, and managers from over 45 countries and 5 continents. All of our courses are focused on clinical and aplicable protocols.

Dentcof InHouse

Dentcof InHouse is a suite of experiences and courses exclusively held at Dentcof. This concept allows other dentists, dental techniciens and managers to be actively present inside Dentcof's workflows, and to experiment new concepts and ideas first-hand. All the new concepts we develop are first shown in Dentcof InHouse events, before they are released globally. This unique perspective allows to experiment multiples views of treatments, protocols and their integration inside the team.

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